I've been working in lutherie for over twelve years, with lots of experience in a few of Nashville's more famous shops (Crafters of Tennessee, Gibson OAI making mandolins, Gruhn Guitars repairing, and Eastman Guitars in California managing) and even more under my own name.  I've acquired great repair skills to compliment my custom building chops and enjoy repair work greatly.  I do a lot of fretwork for Huber Banjos.  Whether working on an extremely valuable instrument, a family heirloom, or a working player's axe I strive to exceed a customer's expectations and deliver the best value, and look forward to working for you.

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Currently I am doing repair work for Carter Vintage Guitars.  The people are amazing to work with.  Please come down and see me at the shop.  There are nothing but gorgeous instruments to look at!

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