Free Verse


The Stadler 17" cutaway jazz guitar features low action and a broad, balanced tone, allowing any player to focus on a signature tone, or to explore the pantheon of jazz tones and beyond.




The 17" non-cutaway acoustic from Stadler enjoys a very broad and punchy voice owed to its soundhole and creative bracing.  I built the first one for Brian Wagner, the marketing manager at the Ryman Auditorium here in Nashville.  There is not a more versatile or elegant acoustic available at any price, anywhere.  Electronics and inlay are at the customer's wish at no extra charge.


Randy Napoleon

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Randy Napoleon endorses Stadler guitars, and to me is the consumate professional jazz guitarist.  I also consider him a friend and colaborator in the unending pusuit of archtop excellence.  Check out his use of his Stadler Free Verse on his excellent solo work, or on the last several Freddy Cole albumns.

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